There are 24 committee members in Forskå. The committee is divided into three different groups who are responsible for different areas. Here you can learn more about our committee and what everyone does!

Our presidium

The committee's presidium consists of our project manager, called Forskarl, as well as our vice project manager, called Guld. Forskarl is the head of our committee and is ultimately responsible for our events. Guld is responsible for our economy, amongst other things!If you have questions about legal matters, if you are a member of the press, or if you just don't know who to contact regarding a question, you can contact our Forskarl, Cornelia!

The river group

The committee's river group handles everything concerning the river rafting. They make the start and finish area, make sure that all of the rafts are safe, plans the transport needed, and keep track of all of the gadgets we need during the river rafting!

If you have questions about the actual river rafting, or any safety questions, you can contact the group leader FLOTT, Linus!

The festival group 2023

The committee's festival group has made our River Festival possible! They handle everything concerning activities, entertainment, the food and drinks, all of our volunteers, the Duck day, and they make sure that we have a steady supply of electricity and water to everything we need.

Do you have questions about the River Festival? Contact the groupleader Fest, Axel, who is responsible for the festival! Send me an email at or find me on the River Festival grounds.

The Marketing group 2023

The committee's marketing group handles everything from our social media and website, to the contact we have with our sponsors. They also create all the graphic material that you see before, during and after the River Festival and the River Rafting!

If you have any questions about our marketing, or if you have seen a picture that you would like us to remove, you should contact the group leader Kom, Klara, who is head of marketing. The best way to do that is to send her an email at, or to grab her directly when you see her in our area!

Våra sponsorer

Upplands Schakt's Company Logo

Våra sponsorer

Upplands Schakt's Company Logo