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about the student Union

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science students, UTN, is the student union for students at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. As a student union UTN works on improving many areas related to your studies. As a student union UTN works to safeguard and monitor the students of the Faculty of Science and Technology, SciTech, interests in different matters concerning their education.

During a year, four students work full-time with the maintaining of student-educational interests at the faculty, along with the representatives from each section, they help all SciTech-students. They help you with everything from errant course administrators, poor work environments, information about exchange studies and to get a better job related to your program.

It is our members and students that make UTN, all activities and all hard work is made by students for students, and it is what keeps us going forward. Each year, eleven students work full-time at the union, but beyond those, more than 1,000 students are involved annually, on a voluntary basis to carry out all of the union's projects. Among some of these projects are of course The River Rafting during the last day of April (and the festival the week before), one of the Uppsala city's main events, but also The career fair Utnarm, The Puzzle Hunt Rally, Receptions, prom and graduation parties. If you choose to become a member you support the union and the sections to make your time at Uppsala University the best possible! The more members we are the stronger is our voice, become a member of UTN here.

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