About the River Festival

Welcome to the River Festival, the ultimate pep rally for the River Rafting!

This spring's biggest event is here! Prepare for something out of this world on the 20th of April as Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Student (UTN) invites you to The River Festival where everyone is welcome! Cooling drinks in the spring sun, great food, fun activities, live music, pony riding, hanging out in hot tub and parties like no other - it's time again!

120 rafts will slowly but surely take shape during this phenomenal week outside the Ångström Laboratory. These rafts will then tame the Fyris-River at 10.00 at Valborg in The River Rafting. Regardless of age, student or rafter, everyone is welcome to us at The River Festival 2023, which this year has the theme Space!

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Vad vore en festival utan god mat?

Det kommer att serveras mat och tilltugg varje dag från 11.00 till stängning. Priserna är givetvis anpassade till studenter, du behöver med andra ord inte laga matlådor på över en vecka!

Om det skulle blir kallare framåt kvällen har vi ett Pub-tält där det finns plats för alla besökare! Ta en nylagad matbit, en god dryck och njut av den flammiga våren äntligen är här.

The Festival's Tent Parties

The entertainment at the River Festival is like the icing on the cake.

Karaoke nights and live music is promised. There will be something for everyone and every night there will be new entertainment. Lots of artists will perform, including: Periferi, JaXstianZ, Fat Cotton and of course, Herr Ober and the Ice BittesThe River Festival proudly presents: Three tent parties!

Awesome DJs, dance-friendly music, good vibes and even live music! You do not want to miss this! The dates for the tent releases are: 21/4, 22/4 and 27/4.

As you can see, the schedule is packed all week and every day there are fantastic activities and entertainment that you do not want to miss! We will also have three tent parties!

-The Friday party, where JaXstianZ will play live. The theme is "Sing along" which means you will be able to sing along to ALL the songs

-The Saturday party, with the theme “XXX”

-The Closing party, with the theme “XXX”

Discover the Activity area

Såklart så kommer det finnas många roliga aktiviteter att göra varje dag!

Testa alla aktiviteter med dina kompisar, eller få nya under på festivalen! Mer information kommer snart.

Swing by the Construction site

The construction site at the river festival is where the rafting begins. In the organized chaos on site, you can witness rafters from all corners of Uppsala as they build their crazy creations. These will later carry the rafters down the merciless waters of the Fyris river streaming through the city center.

The construction site is found on the Ångström laboratory grounds, between house 6 and 8 - the creativity found here is difficult to encounter anywhere else. A piece of plastic foam and some lumber may turn into a volcano, a house, a car, or perhaps even a sauna! There is also plenty of paint available to really make the rafts pop.

On site, 120 rafts will be built by roughly 500 people, so be prepared to spend a couple of hours during your visits - it’s a challenge in itself to leave the site and head home. As we all know, the last week of April is the perfect start of spring time, so why not spend it with The Rafting committee and all the rafters? It doesn’t matter if you’re not rafting yourself, whoever you are very welcome to drop by and hang out. Keep in mind that this only occurs during one week in 2020, so clear the schedule and join the festivities!

So head on over to the construction site, build the best/prettiest/extravagant raft (or find your favorite!) and then see whether or not the raft makes it the whole way through the waters of the Fyris river on April 30th. This is something you don’t want to miss!

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