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Contact the Rafting Committee

Project managar with legal liability:
Cornelia Färdig

Vice project manager with financial responsibility:
Aria Assadi

Responsible for sustainability:
Ia Eklund

Group leader for the festival group:
Axel Gustavsson

Group leader for the river group:
‍Linus Odenhall

Group leader for the marketing group:
Klara Zetterberg

Contact UTN

The River Rafting is arranged by Uppsala Science And Engineering Students Union (UTN), you can find the contact information for the union representatives here.

Anonymous Contact form

Have something happened to you that you want to let us know about? It can be about discrimination, potential injuries or about anything else that you want to tell us. You can be anonymous, but you can also choose to leave contact information if you want feedback about the matter. You can find the form here.

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